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Update: Please see https://quake2.itbacon.com for more information! Come check out my jump server, itbacon.com:27920

Had a lot of fun learning meson environments this weekend, and finally building a 32bit version of q2pro (in Ubuntu) to load old mods that never released source code. Now I can load gamei386.so mods. I even compiled an i386 version of q2admin just for the heck of it. I love how everything works still.

PacketFlingers excellent work with PakServe and pakutil made creating compressed pkz files a breeze.

Skullernets excellent work on q2pro made using it all just as easy. HTTP downloads, etc.

It’s absolutely wild to me that I can still load a quake2 mod from 20 years ago on a modern system. And everything works.

I’m running the best quake2 servers of my life and there’s nobody to use them anymore! It’s maddening.

I think I am mainly doing this for my own nostalgia at this point. There are definitely still a number of quake2 servers out there but there’s only a small, small handful of people.

I’d give anything for a truly active q2 community again. I want to play weapons factory, and freeze tag, and rocket arena, and expert CTF again.

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  1. Greetings…
    I see you’re running a WoD 7.51 server. I was in a WoD clan and ran multiple servers for years. I’ve been thinking about setting up one again. I love WoD but I’ll probably setup my old OSP Tourney server with Gladiator bots.
    It’s awesome to still see all these q2 servers running, but how I miss the good ole days.
    Anyway just thought I’d drop a line and say hi.
    Frag on!

    • Hey man, thanks!

      I’m turning 40 in August and Quake 2 particularly had the biggest impact on me growing up. I’ll run servers as long as I can!

      Hoping to get them moved to a fiber host eventually. But as there’s not much demand for servers bandwidth has been basically nil.

      Appreciate the comment! Long live Quake 2!


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