Revisiting Frigate & Home Assistant

I’ve been revisiting frigate as of late, and using homeassistant for sending notifications to my phone. I wish I could do this without homeassistant…it feels so excessive just to get camera notifications.

Anyway, after months and months of procrastinating I hope to post my frigate portainer config soon, and an overall frigate configuration file that I’m using. I’ll also attempt to cover notifications on a separate post afterwards.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Frigate & Home Assistant”

  1. any update on how you are progressing with this? I’m trying to achieve something similar with node red.

    • Oof. Well, yeah, I guess I should post some configs and things. It’s going well.

      I use HomeAssistant for camera notifications. Frigate runs quite well with 5 cameras (4 Amcrest, 1 Reolink PoE doorbell).

      I setup Apache to be able to view frigate remotely with a username and password. Granted I could just wireguard in but it’s more convenient this way.

      It all runs on a micropc running Ubuntu.


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