UserBenchmark – Childish, Biased Garbage

Please read this:

It’s worth the read. Simply googling userbenchmark bias will also lead you to more information.


Update Feb. 18, 2024: It would seem they are now going to try and charge users to run a benchmark. Source:

Revisiting Frigate & Home Assistant

I’ve been revisiting frigate as of late, and using homeassistant for sending notifications to my phone. I wish I could do this without homeassistant…it feels so excessive just to get camera notifications.

Anyway, after months and months of procrastinating I hope to post my frigate portainer config soon, and an overall frigate configuration file that I’m using. I’ll also attempt to cover notifications on a separate post afterwards.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

ITBacon is now ARMed!

…with an Orange-Pi Zero 3! I’ve moved the website to this tiny little device that doesn’t even have a home yet.

A case of sorts is on the way. I did attach a heatsink to the CPU in the above picture, which was not included.

My impressions so far are very positive. I’m running their Ubuntu image and haven’t had any problems. It reboots in several seconds. It runs the website very well.

I even toyed around with building an arm version of q2pro with no problems at all.

Only downsides: USB 2.0 port not 3.0, and SD slot speed. SD speed is maxed around 22-24MB/s. So a high speed card will not make a difference.

Update: Now with a home of its own! This little fan lowered temps by 13+⁰C!

Quake 2

Update: Please see for more information! Come check out my jump server,

Had a lot of fun learning meson environments this weekend, and finally building a 32bit version of q2pro (in Ubuntu) to load old mods that never released source code. Now I can load mods. I even compiled an i386 version of q2admin just for the heck of it. I love how everything works still.

PacketFlingers excellent work with PakServe and pakutil made creating compressed pkz files a breeze.

Skullernets excellent work on q2pro made using it all just as easy. HTTP downloads, etc.

It’s absolutely wild to me that I can still load a quake2 mod from 20 years ago on a modern system. And everything works.

I’m running the best quake2 servers of my life and there’s nobody to use them anymore! It’s maddening.

I think I am mainly doing this for my own nostalgia at this point. There are definitely still a number of quake2 servers out there but there’s only a small, small handful of people.

I’d give anything for a truly active q2 community again. I want to play weapons factory, and freeze tag, and rocket arena, and expert CTF again.

Docker + Portainer + Frigate + Mosquito MQTT…

Update 9-02-2023: I’ve stopped using HomeAssistant as it’s just not for me.

Update 8-01-2023: Ok! I feel fairly confident with everything now. Inititally my plan was to just give some docker run commands that would get everyone up and running quickly. But I have since discovered Stacks in Portainer, and I feel this is a much better method for deploying containers. Especially since it offers an easy way to upgrade them. Truly hope to have something together eventually!

Update 7-18-2023: I’ve managed to get an iPhone, an OBS stream, and my Amcrest camera into frigate using go2rtc as a restream source. Guide is coming along nicely!

…guide will be coming soon. I am slowly learning it all this weekend. I am really enjoying Portainer. I have a camera arriving tomorrow, an Amcrest one, and hope to have everything up and running by next weekend. Then I can begin taking some screenshots for the guide.

The absolute mixture and mess across the internet has made this challenging at best. But I really want to run my own NVR!

Oh yeah, and I’ll include Google Coral AI support as well assuming the card I ordered works in the PC I’m using for frigate. Hoping to make use of the wifi card slot.

I’m using Ubuntu for the base OS. Personally, I enabled auto-login and screen sharing so I can remote desktop in to it. I may switch to just plain VNC later on but this is working well for me at the moment. As I’ve always been a Gentoo Linux guy, learning Ubuntu (well, Gnome) has been interesting too. I haven’t ran a window manager in YEARS!