Server Service Shuffle

Over the next week or two as I find time and motivation (Helldivers 2 has been winning both of them lately), I’ll be moving some services to a new server, namely Docker/Portainer, Frigate and Home Assistant. I’ll be doing my best to keep notes from beginning to end and get something posted, finally, to help anyone else trying to get the two of them working.

I do use a coral, and have also used an nVidia card for graphics offloading. With 5-6 cameras I can’t say I noticed a huge impact offloading the graphics, but I will try to cover that part as well since I plan to move the card over anyway. For reference, it’s just a lowly GTX 1050ti that I’m using for the task. I figure if I ever bother to buy a Plex license, I can use it for that as well.

I’ll be using Ubuntu Server 23.10.

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