PHP 7, MySQL 8 & WordPress on IIS

2/16/2021 – I still plan to update this more, just been busy with a new job!

This is a work in progress – pictures will be added, stories will be written, coffees will be spilled.

  • Use MySQL Workbench to create a user with a Standard Password, and create a Schema, then give your user permissions on the Schema.
  • Open PHP Manager in IIS Manager after installing so it can make some changes to php.ini..enable the extra modules in there as well.
  • You probably want to reboot after updating your PATHs and things just so IIS can find everything
  • I know this is vague…just trying to get it started.
    If this helps you in the mean time, great!
  • Dependencies for ImageMagick and other things…
  • IIS Installation
    • Control Panel – Programs & Features – Add/Remove Windows Components
      • [X] Internet Information Services
        • Web Management Tools -> [X] IIS Management Console
        • World Wide Web Services -> Application Development Features -> [X] CGI
        • Common HTTP Features
          • All except Directory Browsing (unless wanted), WebDAV Publishing
        • Health and Diagnostics
          • [X] HTTP Logging, Request Monitor
          • [X] Performance Features (both Dynamic + Static)
        • Security
          • [X] Basic, IP, Request Filtering, URL Authorization, (if needed) Windows Auth